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Pampered Chef Consultant, Journalist, Owner

Welcome to A Slice of Life and Delight!


Hello, my name is Brittany!


I am a food consultant with a passion for kitchen products and recipes. When I came up with the idea for A Slice of Life and Delight, it was so that I was able to offer the very best kitchen products to clients like yourself. Like me, I am sure you are passionate about kitchen products and recipes. I have you covered!

I am committed to

  • finding you the best kitchen appliances and necessities 

  • providing you with the most competitive pricing and high-quality service

  • providing you with a pleasurable experience

There are delicious recipes from appetizers to desserts and from smoothies to cocktails. We will also have kitchen products from Pampered Chef and many more. 

If you need anything, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Thank you,



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